Christian Fascism from the Margins to the Mainstream (nonfiction feature film)

Using archival video, movement propaganda and original investigative material, the film and book track the emergence of a mass movement seeking “dominion” over all aspects of contemporary society. Structured as multi-layered cinematic essay, the film investigates the ideological and rhetorical echoes between an obscure Christian survivalist group active in the 1970’s-80’s (the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord or CSA) and the mainstream Christian Right of the 21st century.

The supplementary text combines additional interview material with CSA documentation, excerpts from two memoirs by Kerry Noble (former religious leader of CSA) and an extended screenplay excerpt of Silhouette City. In addition to a theatrical premiere at The Roxie Theater in San Francisco, the project has been presented widely through a screening/discussion tour of numerous film festivals and college campuses.

DATE: 2009
MEDIUM: nonfiction film
DURATION: 88 minutes
EXHIBITION HISTORY: 2008 Miami International Film Festival; 2008 Big Sky Film Festival; 2008 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival; 2008 Bermuda Int'l Film Festival; 2008 Kansas Int'l Film Festival; 2008 Chicago Underground Film Festival